"You keep an eye on him."


Takao messed with Midorima’s phone contacts.

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never forget that one of the first things sherlock told john was that sometimes he doesnt talk for days on end but he talks to john constantly even when john isnt there

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The initial bidding for The Word of God

sometimes supernatural is sad

and then sometimes stuff like this happens


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aka a hat and some glasses and suddenly no one recognizes you

tony’s more famous than Steve and Natasha combined that’s why he had the hat sunglasses AND hoodie.

Why it is okay to ship real people with other real people:


So in a post today mostly unrelated to what I want to talk about, John Green stated, “It’s not okay to ship real people and other real people.” I respect John Green in all ways, but I disagree 100% with this statement, and I want to clear up why Real Person Fiction is not…


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Doctor Who summed up in a sentence.



Four times Arthur was betrayed by people he trusted (and one time he wasn’t)

A death in the family | luna-kelly

A death in the family | luna-kelly

bad wolf